What are the must read books? The answer is not straightforward. We’re all different, we each have different likes and dislikes, and as with food what one person finds great, another might not. With books this like/dislike thing can work at different levels. Do you want to read fiction or non-fiction? What fiction genre would suit you: Science-Fiction, Romance, Crime, Horror or something different again? The question you should ask is not ‘what are the must read books’, but ‘what are the must read books for me’? I’d suggest the following approaches.

Book Shops Book Shop assistants are there to help you and are often highly knowledgeable about the products they sell. Don’t be shy, approach them, tell them you are looking for a book and tell them something about yourself and including any existing books you’ve liked, or films and television programs you enjoy. They will be able to guide you to relevant sections of their store and give you must read book suggestions that are unique to you as an individual. If you are uncomfortable about asking for advice from assistants, don’t despair. Consider again what types of books you have liked in the past, and then look around. The layout of stores will help you. Different types of books are shelved together in clearly labeled categories. Move to a category you’ve previously read and liked. Look closer at the books and you’ll probably see the store has highlighted the better (or more popular) ones in that category by displaying them face forward rather than spine forward. Some stores even put little labels under books informing the customer that a particular book is favored by staff in the store, and explaining why.

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